Running Out Of Songs

by Thelma Blankenship

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released October 21, 2013

Recorded by Thelma Blankenship.
Mixed by Tasos Papalias and Thelma Blankenship.
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at SweetSpot Productions Studio.
©Thelma Blankenship ΤΗΒ002


all rights reserved



Thelma Blankenship Greece

Thelma Blankenship started somewhere in the mid zeroes, producing at first home made electro pop songs, then later on forming as a proper band. They tend to blend pop melodies with electric and electronic sounds and rhythms, building songs with samples, loops and vocals. Their live performances are more dynamic, with guitars, laptops, bass and synths marrying new wave aesthetics with dance music. ... more

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Track Name: On The Move
Another song starts in here
Speeding up on a broken gear
Now there's no Eve in my car
That robot's found a better plug

And it fled to outer space
It's only me now in this race
Never take a turnaround
Got my wheels down on the ground

So I hold on for a few more miles
Cause this road will never end
Just like that last word
"I'll see you around" i said

I think of where i've been
Places i have seen
Beauty on the skin
Hence now it doesn't mean anything

Don't care where i'll be
Which faces i will see
The desert and the sea
A great time to settle for everything

So I hold on for a few more miles
Cause this road will never end
Just like that last word
"I'll see you around" i said

And as I put my sunshades on
Drive a road I've never known
I feel the momentum down my spine
Nothing's lost, nothing's mine

Like a robot on the run
Cleaning up and having fun
I feel that old familiar groove
That's what keeps me on the move
Track Name: Pilotfish
I got the mean reds tonight
I kinda crushed my car, but I'm feeling alright
I'm dazed but not confused
I'm broken but can still be used

I'm running out of songs i can dance to
"La Vie En Rose"' is out of the list, stained with sperm and goo
From the fish up in the air
And boy, they do exist, I have seen them there
Up there

But i'm coming around

"Come with me"
No, i'd rather stay in the sand
Where they can't swim, oh they hate dry land
Though we were born in dark water's blue
That sea's gone dry, if we only knew

But i'm coming around

And i distinctly remember that time
Inside the park where we got so high
And i lost a year of my life
I thought that you were going to die
And so we fucked beneath the stars
On building rooftops, inside cars
Dead period blood, still red like Mars
As i adore all of my scars

So i guess
Love is in the air, but it's deep and dark
Like a pilotfish, hanging around with the shark
Track Name: The Harder The Weekend
Hey baby, wake up
It's only me and you
But you know this already
You know everything, don't you?

Hey baby, we gotta do this tonight
I'll be the driver, you'll be the guide
Ηurts like hell
When you say stay and I have to say no
I know it's the hard time
When every Sunday I go

And Naya said
“I know that it's only me and you
But these times, sweet baby
The weekends just won't do”

Well baby, now we gotta be strong
I'll take you to black metal concerts
And i'll write you a song

If i'm like a caveman
Don't get me wrong
I'll take you shopping
And i'll buy you a thong

And Naya said
“I know that it's only me and you
And these times, sweet baby
No, the weekends just won't do”
Track Name: Guilty
Who’s driving on a whole new highway?
Who’s driving on a whole new lane?
I’ve been driving to a whole wrong way

We were so high so we just fell
Dried up and guilty as hell

So walk away, it's the only way
Try to leave today, don't say "life's ok"
I could drive all day, takes the pain away
Throw it all astray, no one’s gonna stay
Track Name: Drag You Home
I'll make things right, prove you wrong
Get us both out of this hole
And drag you home, however far
You will come like a falling star

And cling on to what was told
Innocence, such a funny word
Proved me wrong, but i got it right
I lost the war but won the fight

I promise this, today
I'm gonna dash away
Make this giant leap
Nothing's there to keep

Kept my word and nothing more
Kept the demons from my door
Keep your key, no need to break it
Keep your smile, i know you fake it
Track Name: Bummer
This is just a product of late night alcohol
I listen to my voice echo down the empty hall
And as I’m naked in my house because it's summer
I think how all of love's small flares turn out a bummer

It’s the distance that you walk without your shoes on
It’s the moonless road you drive without your lights on
It’s the book you always read with pages missing
It’s the night at New Year’s Eve where no one's kissing

It’s the party that you have where no one shows up
It’s the years that seem to pass and you don't grow up
It’s the love you hear of in songs but never find it
And though you know you never will, you write about it